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Leslie Keegel


In September of 1982 Leslie Keegel was ordained and subsequently appointed the President of the denomination in Sri Lanka in April 1983. Under his leadership, the denomination grew from 2 churches in 1983 to 1,800 Churches island- at the present. While presiding over the denomination, Leslie also pioneered the headquarters church called the "Living Way Church" twenty years ago and currently serves as the senior pastor of this church, which has a congregation of over 1,000 members. He also started the LIFE BIBLE Institute in Colombo, Sri Lanka in March 1986 which presently has 20 extension centers nationwide and an enrolment nearing 1,000 students. Leslie serves as President of this Institute and teaches in it regularly.

Dr. Leslie Keegel's ministry has been characterized by the free flow of the Holy Spirit with the operation of the gifts of the Spirit. His preaching has been accompanied with physical healings and miracles. Many thousands have been set free from demonic bondages and from the crippling power of witchcraft. He is an exemplary leader who is a living model of servant leadership. He is a discipler of men and women and is a very fruitful Church planter for the past 34 years.

He is a featured speaker at international interdenominational conventions, leadership conferences, camps and city-wide miracle healing evangelistic rallies. Dr. Leslie Keegel completed his second Doctorate in Ministry in 2011. His dissertation focused Ethnic Reconciliation and he graduated with honors.

Leslie Keegel
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