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Jerry and Kimberly Dirmann are the founders and Senior Pastors of The Rock Network (Anaheim, CA), as well as the leaders of Solid Lives, a non-profit ministry focused on disciple-making and church planting using Jesus' Way

Along with his wife, Kimberly, Jerry has served in various ministries over the past 30 years, including being the National Youth Director for The Foursquare Church. Jerry is also the author of OPERATION Solid Lives, a life-changing discipleship system in which thousands of students have been and continue to be saturated with the Word of God.

Jerry and Kimberly are bold, anointed teachers of the Word who touch hearts with their transparency and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit.


To equip new laborers and existing pastors and leaders to Be Fruitful and Multiply


Our Approach to Training People to Fulfill Their God-given Calling:

  1. Our courses are designed for people already leading in ministry or soon want to be leaders in ministry.

  2. Our courses combine Scriptural teachings with a variety of practical applications. 

  3. We offer multiple certificate pathways designed to be completed in two years or less.

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Steps To Earn A Certificate:

  1. Enroll (annually) in the Solid LIves Training Center.

  2. Register for relevant courses for your desired certificate.

  3. Each certificate will require a minimum of 10 specific Course completions plus two additional "elective" courses. There are three semesters per year (Winter, Summer, Fall), and each student may take as many courses per semester as they'd like. 

*Required courses for each certificate will be released soon

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