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Kimberly Dirmann


Kimberly was born in Colombia, South America, and lived in Colombia until she was 10. She and Jerry have two grown children, (Alexa and Jonathan)  and six grandchildren.

Kimberly and Jerry served as youth pastors at Valley Community Church, El Monte Foursquare, for 8 ½ years (1986-1994). In December 1994, Jerry was appointed Foursquare National Youth Minister and they traveled extensively with their children throughout the United States ministering at camps, and to youth pastors and leaders.

Kimberly served as the Director of Foursquare Women International from 2000-2005 with the primary focus of resourcing women in ministry leadership. Kimberly was then appointed as the Southwest District Supervisor for Foursquare (2009–2016), serving over 180 churches.

Kimberly serves as Co-pastor of The Rock in Anaheim, California, a church she and her husband opened in April, 2000.

Kimberly Dirmann
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