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Apologetics V: Real Science

Provided in partnership with the Faith to Live By Training Center
Starts the week of July 1, 2024

Does "follow the science" have any authentic credibility today?

Join Professor Pam Christian, and guest teacher and respected apologist Bob Dutko as they share an overview of Biology, Creation, the Great Flood, Cosmology, Archeology, and Prophecy and how Christians can confidently speak to these topics. 

Join this special class offered without prerequisites and without administrative fees.

Only $99/student.

If you want apologetics with the combination of excellent research, relevant topics, and solid biblical theology follow Pamela Christian. Pamela communicates apologetics in a way that everyone can understand.” 

Jerry Dirmann, Founder of The Rock and Operation Solid Lives.

Be ready in season and out to give a reason for your faith and help others discover the confident hope you enjoy.

Registration closes June 28, 2024

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Course Approach

To successfully complete each week's requirements, students will watch a video and complete a corresponding quiz. Class notes provide a link and special student pricing for the required study of Bob Dutko’s “Top Ten Proofs Evolution is Scientifically Impossible” and “Top Ten Proofs for a Young Earth,” as well as links to recommended reading/study materials.

Registration closes June 28, and this five-week course begins the week of July 1.

A Great Partnership

Professor Christian and her Faith to Live By team have worked diligently to offer this course in partnership with the Solid Lives Training Center via weekly email and ongoing direct engagement with students. This means that there is no annual enrollment, and anyone can register for this special course. 

The Faith to Live By Training Center will be offering additional courses in the future. 

Course Completion

For Apologetics students, this is the final apologetics course. If you have completed the previous four courses, upon completion of this class, you will receive an Apologetics completion award from the Faith to Live By Training Center

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Learn how truth and science must align with reality to be credible and how to help others recognize inaccurate theories widely promoted as credible science.

Apologetics V, provided by the Faith to Live By Training Center


Professor Pamela Christian

For over twenty-five years Pamela Christian has compassionately helped people discover and live in, life-giving truth. Co-founder and Lead Professor for the Faith to Live By Training Center, Bible teacher, keynote, radio/television talk-show host, podcast host/writer/producer, multi award-winning author (Faith to Live By series) award-winning blogger, apologetics enthusiast (Biola University certification), and an ordained International Itinerant Minister. As a charismatic apologist Pamela uniquely helps people balance rational thought with spiritual realities. Pamela is recognized with an honorary Doctorate of Divinity (2018), and a Certification of Ordination as an International Evangelist (2017) and with a Certification of Ordination as Apostle (2018), by the HSBN International Fellowship of Ministries Apostolic Center. 

Assitant Professor Frank Codispoti

Frank Codispoti has an extensive, and varied background in information technology, real estate development, and financial services. In the corporate world of telecommunications, he was a solution architect that supported the IT departments of Fortune 100 companies, as well as government, and education entities. 

Since January 1982 Frank has been an avid Bible student, and has served in various capacities. As a pastoral layman, he has directed several children’s and home-schooling ministries supporting both on and off campus programs. Frank has also developed Christian apologetics curriculum, and served as coach/mentor in various adult support and education programs. His research in Christian Apologetics lead to the writing of his first book: Angels and Demons—The Battle for Your Mind—Finding Truth in a Sea of Lies available on Amazon. 

Adult Students


Faith to Live by Training Center

Drawing from their over 50 combined years of experience, Professors Christian and Codispoti offer the following education opportunities.

  • Online course studies as stand-alone personal enrichment classes offered direct and through certified programs through accredited Christian leader networks, institutes and university programs 

  • Curriculum for Home School networks and programs 

  • Biblical Travel Excursions with recognized Educational Tour Guides

All Solid Lives Apologetics students will be notified of upcoming FTLBTC opportunities.

Additional course options are available through partner training centers and accredited institutions that are using our materials to better help you meet your ministry, academic, and career goals. Registration dates and fees are based on the actual program selected. To learn more, contact Frank Codispoti:

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